365 Days Of Creativity: June Competition

Welcome to June's creative project brief...we are now on six of the twelve we will be releasing this year! That also means we are now half way through the project, what do you guys think so far? We would love to hear your thoughts/feedback!

These briefs are set directly as part of our 365 Days of Creativity project. Be sure to remember the creative briefs will be released at the very beginning of each month and all the details you need will feature in these blogs posts. You can also find our whole 365 playlist over on the YouTube channel.

Ready to read more about your project brief for this month? 

Lets introduce the brief, then talk about how to submit your entry. 

The Brief:

Re-Create one of your favourite images as a Geometric
landscape illustration. 


Choose any image you like (landscapes and buildings are probably the easiest to work with) and use the tips and techniques Martin walks through in the video below to transform it into a Geometric illustration. 

You are free to decide on the level of detail you decide to use, that depends on the style you are going for! We would also like you to consider your colour palette and use either an Analogous or Triadic colour pallet.

Techniques/skills to include:

Videos which contain these skills:

Helpful hints/

  • Study the photo carefully, look at the simple shapes which make up the building or landscape. If something seems complex it can usually be broken down with a little more thought.
  • Think about proportion/scale, you don’t need to be spot on in this style of illustration but it’s important to consider the elements relationship to one another. For example a Tractor wouldn’t fill half a whole field, but it’s actually an easy mistake to make.  
  • To get started take a look at some contemporary illustration styles perhaps on Dribble or Pinterest.
  • Need the finishing touch? Download free PSD's here or here.


You can submit up to 3 entries for this creative project/brief (details of how to submit included below.) An entry must include a refined design submitted as a jpg/s. Again we want you to get creative so points for innovation! 

In need of a little Inspiration?

Here's some useful references to kick start your creative ideas. Keep in mind that they are just to get you thinking. We don't want to see them replicated.

night scene project brief
town house project brief
lighthouse project brief
houses project brief
mountains project brief
abstract example project brief

The Prizes


  • 3 month YES subscription.
  • Free copy of the YES magazine.

2nd Prize 

  • 2 month YES subscription.
  • Free copy of the YES magazine.

3rd Prize

  • 1 month YES subscription.
  • Free copy of the YES magazine.

Submitting your Work

To make the submission process hassle free, we will be using the community feature on Google Plus. Each month we will create a Community for you to post your submissions to. All you will need is a high res JPG and a few details about yourself. This format means it's easy to find both your own and others designs as well as share your work. 

It's important to mention you don't need an account to upload your work so don't worry if you don't have one. The deadline for this months competition is written below.

Please upload your submissions as jpgs then include your name and a link to your portfolio in the written description. If your feeling a little unsure just check the mock submission we have posted and follow the same format.

Finally and the most important thing...have fun! Our 365 project is all about inspiring creative minds to produce new work and experiment with new techniques. We can't wait to see what you guys come up with, good luck! 

Final deadline for June's creative brief is the 28/07/18. 
Winners will be announced on the 1/08/18. 

Keep an eye on how long you have left to submit your entries for June's Competition! 


About the author 

Emily Melling

Emily Melling studied a degree in Visual Communication, after graduating she became a freelance graphic designer, specialising in Branding & Identity. She enjoys developing working relationships with clients and other creatives who are open to exploring new and innovative ideas.

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