We are very excited to release our 4th Masterclass and 20th online course on Adobe Lightroom CC!

Adobe Lightroom CC is perfect for anyone fascinated by photography and want to develop photo editing skills and a general understanding of Photography in either a personal or professional level. The course consists over 137 tutorials (total of 8 hours watch time) with awesome downloadable exercises files so you can practice whilst learning!

Watch our intro course video to find out what we will be covering!

So what is Lightroom CC and Lightroom Classics?

Adobe Lightroom is a application that allows you to organize and develop your photographs in the most professional and convenient way possible. Adobe Lightroom is one of the most preferred software for photo editing for professional photographers!

Their are two versions of Lightroom! Lightroom CC and Lightroom Classics! 

Lightroom CC - is a cloud based programme and the perfect tool for editing images on the go either on your mobile device or laptop. Your photos are always with you, Lightroom CC will store them so it is ready to be used on any device with the Lightroom CC app!

This programme is perfect if you create a lot of online content for blog posts or social media. Having knowledge of this software will help you take your shots to the next level, ensure your images stand out and help you build a strong visual style that connects with your audience. Lightroom CC is also great for hobbyist photographer looking to improve their skills and share their passion for Photography!... 

Lightroom Classic CC - is desktop based and essential for any one looking to become a professional photographer and extremely useful for most roles within the creative industry! Having an extensive knowledge of Lightroom Classic will allow you to create presets (which will save you so much time), catalogue images (meaning you are always organised) and visually develop your images so they’re ready to be used commercially (and look incredible.)

Whichever version you use is entirely dependant on your workflow. Our course will cover both applications! below we have summarised some of our favourite reasons why you should be using Adobe Lightroom to edit your photos! 

Professional Editing Modes 

Lightroom has a slider based interface that allows you to edit photos easily and see the changes
in real time. You can crop, adjust exposure, colours, add effects, make corrections and so much more. You can also save your adjustments as presets!

Unlimited undos and modification 
You can make unlimited changes without having to save multiple versions of the same images, so you can undo/redo as many times as you like and still have access to the original. In contrast Adobe Photoshop has limited history and you have to save out an image each time you make changes to it, this can get messy and is unprofessional!

Sorting photos has never been easier, Lightroom can easily label photos using keywords, create groups, albums and collections. It is the best way to organise your images so you can find them easily!

You can create custom presets, make edits to multiple files at the same and of course use the synchronising options, all allowing you to develop multiple photos quickly and effectivity!

Less storage space
Working with large Raw images can take up lot of disk space. With Lightroom CC you have cloud storage with your Adobe membership. (You can also buy more storage if needed)!

The course up-to-date with the latest CC 2018 features!
Enrol now and take the next step into creative career and master Adobe Lightroom!

Interested in finding out more on our courses

We have covered everything from Adobe Photoshop MasterClass, Adobe InDesign MasterClass and Adobe Illustrator MasterClass. You can also check our daily free tutorials on youtube channel! 

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About the author 

Shumi Perhiniak

Shumi is a self-taught graphic designer and illustrator who has worked for Toni&Guy, Renaissance Learning, Baker Ross, and many others.

Additionally, she owned a brick-and-mortar stationery shop selling her art prints and now sells wholesale to retailers and online shops under the brand name www.herdesignworld.com.

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