We chatted to Photographer Howard Budzynski, on how to get started and learn
the best ways to develop your photographer skills!

Howard Budzynski graduated in Commercial Photography from Arts University in Bournemouth and now focuses on photography for e-commerce, creative content creation and advertising. Howard has worked for brands such as John Lewis, Tesco and B&Q. 

Collections of Howard's Photographs

Hi Howard, can you tell us a bit about your background?

I am a Commercial Photographer specialising in creative product photography and videography. I have always been interested in image making, always painting and drawing and selling my first photographic image at
11 years old. I became more and more invested in photography and this gave me a run up to my degree in Commercial Photography at the Arts University Bournemouth. Throughout my university years I worked freelance wherever I could and continue to still.

Over the past two years I have been juggling freelancing and with my role as lead in-house photographer in
a national retail company based on the South Coast.  To date, I am freelancing again between Bournemouth, London and Bristol and aim to branch out to another in-house position in Bristol, Bath or Manchester. As I would love to go back to putting my time, energy and passion for photography to something a lot bigger than I  find just freelancing.  

"Specialise in an area of photography, then specialise again and become the best at it!"

Describe your typical working day?

That’s a hard question to answer as it constantly changes every day.  I would say up at 8am, edit over coffee and aim to accomplish my biggest job on my ‘to-do’ list before midday (productivity tip 101).
Usually, I arrange to meet with any clients early afternoon to allow them to get prepared for said meeting. 

Then again if it’s a shoot day then I can be out of the house at 5am and back at 11pm. 

When I work in-house, there’s no time sometimes even to break for lunch. It can vary hugely which is what
I like best about it.

Product and People Photography

What are your favourite design tools/ applications for editing photos and why?

The whole Adobe suite, usually Bridge, via Capture One then onto Photoshop for any cosmetics I can’t do in camera. When experimenting with alternative shoots, its always fun to try some alternative programs.

What advice would you give to people trying to get into the photography and improve their skills?

Do what you love, then it’s not work. 

For people who are trying to create a career out of it I would advise them to specialise in an area of photography, then specialise again and become the best at it. There’s no time limit on this, just stand out from the rest.

Students! I would say spend as much time behind the camera as possible. Before every visiting lecture book a studio or a lighting kit out and try and experiment new style, media or lighting techniques post lecture.
You’re not going to have the time to do this when you graduate. Set yourself a task of attempting a new or
classic setup once a week or month. Your portfolio means everything, not your mark (to some degree). 

To everyone starting out! If you looking to learn more, find out what it takes to be a good assistant and find someone in your field you admire then email them to meet them for a coffee to ask or advice or to critique a collection of images. Or even better, offer to assist them and carry their bags for a day. See how they work,
its little tips and tricks you will learn on your feet that sometimes you cannot be taught in a classroom.

We love Howard’s photography style, be sure to check out his Website for more inspirations!

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