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Express yourself, tell your story, and create illustrations that resonate with your unique style!

The best place to grow as a creative:

  • Adobe Certified Instructors with 15+ years of teaching design
  • Learning programs tailored to your experience and interest
  • Master creative applications in graphic and motion design
  • Gain confidence and experience working on creative briefs
  • Get guidance on getting started in the industry
  • Build an outstanding creative portfolio

Martin Perhiniak

Founder and Lead Instructor

Award-winning Graphic Designer, Illustrator and an Adobe Certified Instructor, voted one of the Top 10 Adobe Instructors in the World.

Before founding Yes I'm a Designer, Martin worked as a designer for Pixar, BBC, Mattel and Accenture, and taught teams at Transport for London, Google, Ben & Jerry's and Oxford University Press.

Martin regularly speaks at industry events; most recently Adobe MAX, the ultimate creative conference.

Creative Courses

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Take your creative skills to the

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Become a creative professional in a year with our unique, guided learning experience!

Become a creative Professional in a year

with our unique, guided learning experience!

$67 / month

  • Access to all our courses
  • Industry standard creative projects
  • Personalised feedback on your designs
  • Expert guidance on building a professional design portfolio
  • Members-only Facebook Group
  • Exclusive Webinars with live reviews, workflow demos and collaborative designs

Our most popular Courses

Photoshop fast-track

Master Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign with our revolutionary workflow-based learning experience!

Graphic Design Bootcamp

Start Your 12 week creative journey today
to kickstart your career as a Graphic Designer!

Graphic Design Theory

Learn the language of design and make engaging, clear and effective compositions! 

365 Days of creativity

Nurture your creativity, improve your software skills and develop your own design style!

Some of the companies using our online courses:

logo for tfl

I especially like the way you create simple designs fairly quickly.

Kelvin chaudry

One of the best Photoshop course! I recommend it! 🙂


Which Membership is right for you?


Graphic Design Starter Bootcamp

12-weeks-long guided learning program for beginner students or hobbyist designers with fun projects and a supportive community of like-minded students.

Certification for each completed course

Get a downloadable digital certificate for each course you complete signed by our certified instructors.

Quizzes, exercise files & resources

Test your knowledge by taking quizzes and practice everything you learn with structured exercises and useful training materials.

Creative community

Be inspired by joining a thriving community of creative spirits. Share your work to get valuable feedback from fellow students.

MasterClass courses

Learn industry-standard design applications like Illustrator, Photoshop, Premiere Pro or Cinema 4D.


Fast-Track courses

Master Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign with our revolutionary workflow-based learning experience!


Graphic Design Theory series

Master visual communication with the most comprehensive online training series of 12 courses
covering over 500 design principles, rules and terms.


Access to entire course library

Access to project-based courses such as the Character Design course or the 365 Days of Creativity series. These help more experienced students improve their portfolios and create stunning designs.



Creative projects with feedback

Choose from various Career Paths like (Graphic Design, Illustration, UX & Web Design, Logo etc.) and get monthly feedback and guidance on your work from our instructors.



Interactive webinars and workshops

Webinars: Live reviews of designs submitted by students. Get feedback personally from your mentors.
Workshops: Join interactive, collaborative projects and learn about the latest cutting-edge tools and features for creative professionals.



Personal skill evaluation & coaching

Get a personal assessment of your skills and portfolio. This annual review can provide you invaluable insight and guidance on: 

- How to improve your hireability in the creative industry?

- Which sectors, niches are best suited for you?

- How to make your work look more professional?



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We're excited to reveal our annual report on the Design Trends of 2024, that will shape the creative industry this year and beyond.

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Magdalena Palahanova| Bulgaria

Behance portfolio

Being part of the Pro Membership has become a very important chapter in my creative journey for several reasons. This is my first creative community and it has given me the opportunity to share and receive opinions, experiences and insights.

One of the biggest advantages is having a seasoned instructor who shares his thoughts and experience of the industry, oversees my projects and provides constructive feedback helping me improve my skills. Last, but not least, I have also learned a lot from the feedback provided to the other members. I love to analyse their work and compare my conclusions to Martin’s and for me this is a very enjoyable way of learning.

I think the courses on the platform are some of the best available at the moment as they offer great in-depth knowledge of the Creative Cloud programs and graphic design theory, yet they are easy to understand and follow thanks to the fun examples and projects which go along with them. 

Ephraim Shapiro| Israel

This is my first online learning experience with interactive elements. Over the past five years I have attended two different offline design courses, and despite the fact that I was physically more present on lessons, in terms of quantity and intensity I got much more from Yes I'm a Designer. I received more constructive feedback on my work, and produced more designs that I can use in my portfolio.

Nicole Heinrich| Germany

Becoming a Pro Member meant that I got a 360° creative safe seat in the design world and it provided me the freedom to find my specific niche from the plethora of different subject areas, such as packaging design and illustration. The Live Webinars and the Community has given me the important feedback and sense of security I need to improve my technical or theoretical skils in order to step out of my comfort zone and create good work. For me personally, this is a very important factor in online learning. Being able to have Martin as a highly ambitious and certified teacher is fantastic. As a mother of two, I am learning at my own pace to realize my dreams a little further each day, while working from home.

Graham Goater| England

Behance portfolio

Watching Yes I'm a Designer on YouTube helped me to become a graphic designer, but it was only when I joined as a Pro Member that I really saw BIG results. The practice briefs gave me motivation to put what I learnt into practice. The feedback given by Martin and fellow students also helped me improve so much quicker than what I would have done if I was on my own. I'm now picking up regular work and setting up my new graphic design business in the new year. Thanks Martin and the rest of the YES team!

Dániel Földes | Hungary

The courses on Yes I'm a Designer helped a lot to prepare for the Adobe Certified Professional exam. There were 13 theoretical questions about the icons, interface, few definitions, followed by 17 practical tasks for example: select the red area of a flower or change the copyright status of an image or edit the typo as they wished, flip a logo on a document horizontal, etc.

Overall I found it fairly easy to pass on my first attempt and I am already preparing for the Illustrator and InDesign Professional exams.

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More experienced?

As an educator, I watch and review many educational videos and programs. The Yes, I’m a Designer series has been one of the best, so far. It is, pedagogically, well-organized and presented. I have been working in Illustrator for quite some time and considered myself proficient. I realized I was barely scratching the surface. The presenter showed me so much more of the program and at a much deeper, yet simpler level. The amount of content makes this the best value out there. I highly recommend this for beginners and intermediate users.

Allyn G.

YES are an amazing company that can help absolute novices or, as in my case, recent graduates. Having learned the basics of design, I was astonished about how much more there was to learn. YES give you so many projects and exercises to put what you learn into practice and the feedback is always helpful. You won’t be disappointed if you sign up.


This was such a clear and well paced course. I appreciated that the instructor would always say the shortcuts he used as a reminder of what was learned in previous lessons. It definitely helped me remember and I’m excited to start using the program instead of feeling intimidated by it.

Sarah C

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