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8 free courses
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Welcome to our revised Graphic Design Survival Kit!

All the essential information and skills you need to get started in this field in a compact mini-series. You will be enrolled to the first course right after completing your signup, then each following course is unlocked from the 3rd email of the topic.

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1. Starting Your Career

We will outline some basic steps for getting started in design, from picking the right equipment to finding the necessary resources.

2. Design Theory

Knowing key design principles will allow you to control how people perceive your work and what emotions they experience when looking at it.

3. Editorial Design

Learn the basics of editorial design, from magazines, leaflets, books, brochures to posters and more.

4. Layout & Composition

Learn how to create engaging compositions that will make your work structured and look professional.

5. Logo Design & Branding

Learn the fundamentals of creating memorable logos, effective brand guides and so much more.

6. Illustration

We will explore how to sell your artwork and make money as an illustrator or digital artist, 

7. Stationery Design

We will give you expert insight on creating stunning stationery designs, and tips on displaying your work with mock-ups.

8. Career Tips 

We will provide expert advice on finding a design job as well as tips on CV design and interview tips. In addition, you will learn how to create a killer portfolio and kickstart your design career!

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Get the most out of this course:

  • Try to set aside a dedicated 30-minute time each day to make progress and practice.
  • Invest in the topic that interests you the most. You don’t have to complete everything.
  • Try to apply what you have learned and share your thoughts with the community.
  • The more often you practice, the better you'll get. And when you're ready, you can upgrade to a more premium learning experience at a great discount.