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What will you learn?

Here is an overview of what we'll cover on the
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The Creative Process

We will cover everything from finding inspiration, dealing with creative block, to managing those tricky clients and even discovering where you fit in the creative industry.

The Right Tools & Workspace

We will give you a guideline on setting up a workstation that will improve your productivity, creativity, health and well-being!

Get To Know The Industry

We will provide advice on finding your creative path, how to find new clients and importantly how to manage them.

Photography & Retouching

We will share tips on how to find and choose stock images like a pro, how to edit your photographs and tips on becoming a professional Photo Retoucher.

Branding and Logo Design

Although a logo is a significant and critical aspect of Branding, it’s still only part of a set of assets. Learn all about brand guides, tips for logo designs, among many other things.

Editorial Design

You will learn how to create compositions and creative layouts like a pro to enable you to work on Magazines, books covers and so much more!

Poster Design

We will take a closer look at poster design in advertising, movies and events. And share some compositional tips and tutorials on how to create stunning posters!

UX, UI & Web Design

We will share useful resources, which will enable you to get started in or transit to UX, UI or Web Design roles.

Illustration and Digital Art

We will explore how to become an illustrator and digital artist, find your style and provide tons of resources to help sell your artwork and make money!

Packaging Design

We will give you some insight into how to create stunning packaging designs, to think outside the box (so to speak) and how to display your work using Photoshop mock-ups.

Icons & Infographics

We will go into more depth about Icons and Infographics, how to create infographics and make money through your own set of icons..

Design Theory

There are many Design Theories to consider for a great layout, and can be quite challenging to get your head around them. We will share lots of resouces to help you master design theories like a pro!

Portfolio tips and Design Jobs

We will provide industry advice on finding a design job as well as tips on CV design and interview tips. In addition, you will learn tips on how to create a killer portfolio and kickstart your design career!. 

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