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If you are an aspiring illustrator and looking to develop your own unique illustration style then we have a awesome post for you, packed full of contemporary artists whose illustration style we love. Each style is unique and easily distinguishable. We hope you find them inspiring as much as we do!

Are you struggling to find your illustration style? Most established artists have a unique style that fans admire and can be easily recognised. If you are planning to become an illustrator or digital artist, you will most likely want the same: Watch the below tutorial or listen to the podcast to find your illustration style!

List of illustration styles (in no particular order)

Ruby Taylor
Ruby Taylor is a freelance illustrator who produces editorial illustrations, t-shirt designs, stationery and art prints. We love the usage of bright colours, her work is fun, playful and very inspiring. We highly recommend following Ruby on Instagram for daily inspirations. 

Daniel Gartman
Daniel Gartman is another amazing Illustrator whose style we love. If you want to learn more on his drawing process then we highly recommend watching his tutorials on Youtube

George Tonks
George main passion so far has been drawing all types of animals as stylised characters. He exaggerates certain features or parts of the animal anatomy and overtime has really developed a distinctive way of drawing animals forms!  Want to learn more on his illustration style? Check out our artist interview below.  You will found out more about how he learned to draw and his approach to creating amazing illustrations.

george tonks elephant
bear illustration george tonks
Creative Work behance george tonks

Ryn Frank
Ryn Frank uses nature as a big source of inspiration for her branding and design projects. She is best known for her simple hand drawn fine line illustration and has worked for brands such as Waitrose, Marks and Spencers and Lonely Planet. This style of hand-drawing is becoming trendy and one to look out for!

Tobias Hall
Tobias Hall has worked for brands such as Wagamama, Sports Relief, Netflix. He is mainly known for his versatile typography and lettering. We personally love his work and his Instagram is a great inspiration for those who love type design!

Jamie Oliver Aspinall
Another illustrator inspired by nature is Jamie, He focuses mainly on children’s illustration and creates awesome clean and simple vector artwork for outdoor lifestyle magazines. We highly recommend to follow his portfolio on Behance

Rosie Chomet
Rosie works full-time as a graphic designer while taking on commissions and sells her distinguishable artwork online. We highly admire her work ethic and find her story very inspiring

If you would like to know more about Rosie Chomet, read our Artist interview post

Mateja Kovač

We love Mateja’s style, she initially started out restoring classical painting, then moved on to Interior design and now focuses mainly on creating elegant illustrations working mainly in Photoshop. She has worked on some impressive campaigns such as McDonalds 2017 Oscar Awards campaign. We love her style and if you love painted illustrations!

Joanne Hawker
Joanne Hawker is a young creative who has set up her own small design business specialising in selling greeting cards and gifts. Joanne is a also a crafter, not only does she designs her ideas digitally, but all her products are hand-made in her studio.  She is a inspirational artist and we adore her work ethic!

Jen B. Peters
Jen is a freelancer designer specialising in a range of services from packaging, pattern design to branding. She has worked for companies such as Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network and Universal. We love her fun, colourful design which she designs by combining both traditional and digital platforms!

Jacqueline Colley
London-based freelancer Illustrator and Pattern designer Jacqueline Colley creates beautiful hand-drawn style illustration! Her designs are now sold as stationary and wallpaper prints!

If you would like to know more about Jacqueline Colley, read our Artist interview post!

Mongshan Chang designs under the name Milkyprint. She has an amazing style, inspired by food and
everday objects, her work is playful, fun and very creative. Milkyprint illustrations have been turned in to merchandise and can but found in market places such as Society 6, Thortful and Redbubbl

Gal Shir
A fellow Youtuber and Illustrator Gal Shir creates awesome ipad illustration that will make your mouth drop.
We love his illustration style because his use of colours, textures, light and shadows are always on point!

Be sure to check out his website color hunt where he puts together beautiful colour palates that you can use on your own artwork!

Jessica Antonini

If you prefer bright colours and cute illustrations then be sure to check out Jessica Antonini's work. We love her crisp vector illustrations, Check out her portfolio on Behance and be filled with joyful illustrations!

Fran Labuschagne
Similarly to Jessica, another impressive illustrator whose style is easily distinguishable is Fran Labushchague! Fran focuses on vector Illustration, Character Design, Graphic Design and Animation. We love her usage of colours , noise and textures.  Be sure to check out her portfolio for more inspiration!

Sanny Van Loon
Another female illustration style we love is Sanny Van Loon. If you love botanical drawing or drawing everyday objects, be sure to check out Sanny's portfolio!  She is a young inspirational artist from the Amsterdam who has an impressive client list! Follow her Instagram for daily inspiration.

Bijou Karman
If you love fashion and drawing women characters then you should check out LA based artist Bijou Karman. We love her quirky style and her use of colours are always spot on. Bijou illustrates using both traditional and digital media and worked for clients such as The New Yorker, Harper's Bazaar and Nike. Follow her on Instagram for daily inspiration!

Are you feeling inspired and want to become an illustrator? You may want to check out our viral tutorial on  Learn to Draw Anything with Adobe Illustrator CC

We hope you enjoyed reading this post, Click here to see our show your work series on Youtube! where we interview many talented illustrators and find out more about their working process, learn some great techniques for promoting yourself and getting new clients!

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We will highlight six key steps to help you define your illustration style

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Shumi is a self-taught graphic designer and illustrator who has worked for Toni&Guy, Renaissance Learning, Baker Ross, and many others.

Additionally, she owned a brick-and-mortar stationery shop selling her art prints and now sells wholesale to retailers and online shops under the brand name

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