Designers are a picky bunch, and we can be very tricky to buy for (sorry about that.) There's just so much to worry about, who was it designed by, what if it's the wrong colour, what if the typeface isn't quite right or just not 'on trend' enough.

If you are a designer or looking to buy a gift for a designer friend, here are some of our top gift ideas!
This list isn't in any particular order and varies in prices and products, so hopefully, you will find what you need!

Price £239 - £484
Product Link

This is perfect for digital sketching, illustrating, retouching and creating graphics. It's a great all-rounder to help creatives work more precisely and naturally compared to using a mouse.

It can save working time, allow users to be more creative and open up more creative ideas. Perfect for anyone who loves creating digital artwork! 

2. Pantone...well anything!

Product Link
Price varies $15 - $40

If you aren't a designer, you may not have heard of Pantone or think they sell some paint here and there, BUT to designers, they are the company to look to for colour trends and the ultimate way to print projects!

They also sell a lot of lifestyle products, using their famous (to designers) colour references, again these products are 100% colour accurate, we can't help but love them!

We suggest maybe a mug or notebook set, but there are loads of other great gift ideas, they even sell holiday ornaments! 

pantone-set-2-notebooks-group gifts for designers
pantone-mugs-group-product gifts for designers

3. Graphic Design Online Creative Course!

Product Link
(price from $19 - $670)

If you have a relative or close friend who is interested in becoming a graphic designer, this would make a great gift and set them up for success. Our online courses are perfect for anyone looking to take their design career to the next level! Enquire now and save 25% on any membership!

4. iPad Pro (supports Apple Pencil)

Product Link
iPad from £899 (Expensive but worth it for designers and artists)

iPads with Apple Pencil are not cheap but an investment for all designers and Illustrators. There has been a massive growth in the number of artists using the iPad to improve their design process and workflow. Creative apps for the iPad, such as Procreate and Vectornator, make it so much more fun and more comfortable to design on the go.

5. Phone Loop and straps

Product Link
Price $8.74

We are pretty much attached to our phones, trying to get the 'right angle' for a picture or just quickly checking Instagram at the wrong time! This handy invention means users can always have a secure, relaxed grip on their phone while avoiding drops and damage accidentally. So our precious phones stay safe and even better the 'Loop' comes in all sorts of designs so it will look great no matter what case is on the phone already!

6. AirPods

Price from £169
Product Link

Great for maintaining concentration at work or for use whilst commuting in to the office or studio.

Plus they are wireless so no faffing around with yet another cable on top of our countless chargers, external hard Drive's, graphics tablets etc etc. 

The sound quality of these headphone is amazing and most importantly...they look great!

Procreate Dreams is an all-new animation app compatcable with iPad Pro is the best gift for anyone who wants to get started in illustration and  animation!

8. Osmo Pocket 3

Product Link
Price from £89

Best gadget for filming, better than most mobile phones and even DSLR cameras, It's perfect for any creative who loves exploring, taking video footage or who enjoys editing video footage. It can be used in both a professional and personal capacity.

It's lightweight and easy to chuck in a backpack for the day (and no complaints about wobbly footage.) However, be warned it might mean more time spent 'getting the right angle or shot.'

9. Meta Quest 3

Product Link
Price £479.99

Meta Quest 3 is a virtual reality (VR) headset,  Probably one of the best mixed reality experience for creators as you can interact with virtual objects in the real world, or place virtual objects in the real world!

Price from £25 - £100
Product Link offer a variety of gift cards from Hobbycarft to Ryamans, perfect as a gift for any creative person who are hard to buy for!

11. Moleskine Sketchbook

Price from £8.00
Product Link

A notebook is always a good idea! Especially by Moleskine, it's stylish but still professional and easy to use.
Some notebooks look amazing, but when it comes to using them, they are just impractical, and eventually, we abandon them for something more practical.

This gift is the best of both worlds! 

gifts for designers moleskin

12. Desk Plants

Price varies £6 - £70
Product Link

Not only are plants proven to improve peoples mood and well being (so a perfect gift for keeping a good vibe in the workplace or home) but they are also the ideal way to personalise a space without cluttering it up!

The design of the website and branding for the company is also great! In case you want to check it out!

13. WD 2TB Elements Portable External Hard Drive

Price £56.62 
Product Link

Designers, Photographers, and Video Editors often need a lot of storage space. Hard Drives perhaps not the most exciting gift in the world, but it is pretty dam useful and another one for anyone who is into practical presents they can use!

wd elements gifts for designers

14. Calendars, notebooks & stationery

Price from £6.95 - £100
Product Link

Designers can be workaholics, often juggling multiple projects and clients.  These gift idea are great for designers who want to organise in all areas of life, in style. We love these stationery, designed by creatives for creatives 🙂

15. Feild Notes

Price varies £12+
Product Link

This brand of note books has become very popular amongst creatives! As well as note books the company sell other stationary products, all with minimal, contemporary designs (these products would definitely look good next to a desk plant.) 

Pick up a few different items and create a little stationary pack, they have great calendars! Perfect for marking those all important deadlines! 

16. Essential Books by Austin Kleon 

Total price: £19.86
Product Link

These Three books by Austin Kleon is a personal favourite of mine and highly addictive to read and a perfect gift for all creatives.

Keep Going - How to stay motivated as Artists. 

Show Your Work - Focuses on helping designers get discovered.

Steal Like An Artist - Encourages Artists to find their style

17. Tablet Stand 

Price £16.99
Product Link

It's becoming trendy to draw, edit and create new work on tablets like the iPad Pro. This handy gift can make that experience even more fun and enjoyable.
The material is durable and lightweight, meaning it can be easily moved from someones home to office or visa versa. It is compatible with 5-13 inch iPad and tablets like iPad 2018 Pro 9.7 / 10.5, iPad Air, iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus, Surface Pro, Samsung Tablets.

gifts for designers ipad stand

18. T-shirts for Creatives

Price £18-25
Product Link

Finally, we have some fun T-shirts for creatives, designed by creatives!

Additional Gifts

19. BenQ PD3220U Monitor 

Price £1019.99
Product Link

Its a pricey investment and makes a great gif for anyone who wants to own a professional colour-accurate monitor made for designers.  You can read our review of the monitor here!

Thanks for reading, Hopefully, this post has made gift buying just a little easier! Happy Holidays!


from Adobe Certified Instructors and industry professionals

About the author 

Shumi Perhiniak

Shumi is a self-taught graphic designer and illustrator who has worked for Toni&Guy, Renaissance Learning, Baker Ross, and many others.

Additionally, she owned a brick-and-mortar stationery shop selling her art prints and now sells wholesale to retailers and online shops under the brand name

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