If you are an aspiring Pattern Designer or just really interested in the topic you have come to the right blog post. Discover 5 Mind-Blowing Pattern Designers you will love! 

Each of these 5 Designers have totally different styles and workflows. One thing they all have in common? They create beautiful work. Pattern Design can be used in all sorts of ways from Surface and Apparel Design to Branding and Packaging or just because it's fun to make! 

Ready to dive in and explore 5 totally different approaches to Pattern Design?

All of Elizabeth Olwen's patterns use amazing color pallets! She has created so much brilliant work it was pretty tough to choose which bits to feature in this post but we just about managed it. 

Her patterns use scale excellently. On the right the repeated elements are all different sizes and shapes so they fit well together in a composition. Nature is never uniform and the composition would feel to stiff if all the elements where the same size.

She works on everything from surface design to prints for display and has even created some illustrations for packaging projects.

The underlying theme in her work is nature but every pattern she creates is distinct and individual. No two the same. We love the colors she uses and the way she displays her work. 

Having great work is one thing but it will never look it's best if you don't put a little thought into how you showcase it in a portfolio. Elizabeth does this really well. Follow the links below to see more! 

Discover more of her work:

We discovered Anastazi over on Behance and immediately noticed she has introduced animation to her patterns. What a cool way to grab attention in a crowded market!

The beautiful textures she uses not only add to the natural and organic feel of her work but also give it a distinctive trademark/style. 

Having a style helps potential clients, employers or other artists to recognise your work and helps to grab attention in all the right ways.

Discover more of her work: Behance | Instagram |Dribbble

This Illustrator uses Pattern Design in her Branding, Packaging and Illustration projects to help tell the brands story and attract the right kind of customer.

When you think Pattern Designer you probably think of surface patterns and not necessarily Graphic Design. However this year we have seen a massive rise in patterns being used on all types of Packaging Design projects.

So although Blanca is not strictly a Pattern Designer she has adopted this style of working to help her visually communicate the right message in her work. Which is pretty awesome.

See some amazing examples over on her Behance. She adapts the style of illustrative work depending on the needs of each project but still manages to keep a hint of her own individual style. This is a hard balance to strike for any kind of Designer. 

These designs are certainly mind-blowing. Creative Studio TRÜF use interesting geometric patterns in their design solutions giving their work a distinct and modern visual style.

These detailed stamp designs really push the boundaries of what can be achieved with patterns, symmetry and balance. We also love the two-tone color palette, in a design this complex any more color and it would probably have got a little intense! 

It's great to see artists, designers and even studios experimenting with different styles of pattern design. Feeling inspired to try making your own? 

Pattern Designer Gizem Vural is based in New York and has worked for clients like The New York Times, The New Yorker, The Atlantic, The Guardian and loads more. She uses bold colors, shapes and compositions.

Her work stands out against a lot of pattern designers! This is because she often crafted the work by hand and in our digital age it is refreshing to see this traditional approach. Don't you think?

Gizem's work reminds us a little of Wassily Kandinsky and the Bauhaus movement where geometric shapes meet bright color and often crazy compositions. 

It can be useful to draw inspiration from past creative movements and artists.
A lot of the great work we see now is rooted in great work of the past.

We can imagine this working so well as wallpaper or even tile designs what do
you think?

See more of her work over on Behance.

Aspiring Pattern Designer?

Feeling inspired to work with patterns or just to learn more about the topic? Perfect! We have some great tutorials to sink your teeth into!
Learn how to work with patterns in perspective using Photoshop CC 2019. 

If you create or even find a pattern you like and want to see how it could look in real life it's easier to knock up in Photoshop than you think. Ready to find out how?

This technique will come in so handy for Interior Design projects and Pattern/Surface Designers. Not to mention all the handy tools and skills you will learn in Photoshop CC along the way. 

This video is the first instalment of a mini series so if you enjoy it subscribe to our channel and look out for more coming very soon!

Learn how to create patterns in Adobe Illustrator.

Here's a few 1 minute tutorials which will teach you how to create and work with patterns in Adobe Illustrator. Perfect for an aspiring Pattern Designer!

We hope you enjoyed this list of Pattern Designers and found the post inspiring! 

We cover all sorts of creative topics so if there is something you want us to write about let us know in the comments and you might see it pop up soon on our blog!

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