Happy 2022! It is time for another Design Trends Predictions in Graphic Design, Illustrations, UX and Web Design. Some of these trends started a while ago, but they are peaking now or reaching a broader audience in 2022!

Ready to get inspired? Watch the full tutorial below!

Here is an overview of our Top Trends Predictions 2022!

As we always advise, use trends for inspiration or for an exercise to do something different, but don't follow them blindly!

1. 2D/3D Mixed Media

We can see the trend popping up everywhere, from Graphic Design to TV productions. One remarkable example is the Netflix series Arcade: League of Legendswhich uses 3D animations/renders combined with hand-drawn aesthetics!

Here are some more cool 2D and 3D Artwork examples for your inspiration!

2. Crypto Art - NFT Movement

NFT is not a visual trend but a Movement that we predict will stay and influence Graphic designers and illustrators. Here are some examples of artwork that have high NFT Values. 

Be sure to watch our tutorial as Martin explains more on NFT's!

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3. Part Deco

We love this upcoming trend which is a new take on Art Deco style, we expect to see more symmetrical, geometric, lined art design mixed with traditional Art Deco.


Want to learn more on how to get started with this style? Watch the following tutorials!

4. Anti-design / Brutalism / Dadaism

This new trend has been getting momentum recently. We will see artists deliberately breaking design rules and creating artwork that purposely distorts typefaces, clashing colours, and creating unbalanced compositions.

Although we don't personally support this anti-design trend, one thing for sure is that it will undoubtedly attract viewers attention and get you to look at the artwork to make sense of it all!

Want to learn more about Design Theory? Check out the Graphic Design Theory Playlist!

5. Achromatic/Monochromatic color palettes

We have seen a rise of Archomatic colors, which means using Black and White color palettes or monochromatic colours, which use one color in different tones. Using both Achromatic and Monochromatic color will make any design appear timeless and add immediate Contrast!

Want to learn more about Color Theory? Check out the Graphic Design Theory Playlist!

6. Visual Overload / Maximalism / Anti-Minimalism

The 'more is more' visual designs can be pretty tough to nail as a designer. It is opposite to minimalism and does follow design rules to create incredible compositions (unlike the Anti-Design trend)

Here are some fantastic examples of visual overload in illustrations, interior design and editorial work.

Source 1, 2, 3

7. Mixing Trends

One of the best ways to learn as a designer is to learn to observe and take ideas from other artists. Use our trend prediction ideas from our Milanote board as an inspiration and combine, mix, and match trends with your style. Here is some fantastic artwork that combines trends well.

I hope you enjoyed our 2022 trend predictions; as mentioned earlier, these predictions are worth knowing, but you do not need to follow them, and most importantly, have fun designing!

Click on the image to launch the Milanote board and explore all the trends in more detail!

About the author 

Shumi Perhiniak

Shumi is a self-taught graphic designer and illustrator. In 2012, she took an entire year off to study Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator. In just 6 months, she started freelancing and became a Certified Photoshop Expert. She has worked as an in-house graphic designer for brands such as Toni&Guy, Renaissance Learning and Baker Ross.

She also owned a physical stationery shop selling her art prints and now focuses on selling digital art prints online under the name HerDesignWorld

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