Working from home sounds like a luxury, you have the freedom to work when you want and whenever you want. However, in reality, it's not for everyone, too much freedom can actually make you less productive and unmotivated.

Having worked from home for many years, we understand the importance of a healthy work/life balance. In this post we will be sharing tips that has helped us to feel happy and productive when working from home.

1. Separate work and Personal life

Have a dedicated workspace in your home. If you are lucky to have a separate room then turn it into a workspace. If you lack office space then turn a corner of your living room or kitchen into your office. You can find some home office inspiration here.

2. Dedicate work hours 

Dedicate working hours and stick to it whether it be 5 hours or 8 hours a day, or if you prefer to stick to a 9-5 routine then so be it. Most importantly don’t overwork yourself as it can lead to burnout and stress.

3.Plan your week

Working alone means you need to be self-motivated and avoid any distractions, which can come about when working from home. Loosely plan your weekly tasks, which will help you get into a work routine. We love using Monday to plan and organise our workload.

4.Tidy your workspace

Clean, organised workstation will make you feel calm and productive. At the end of the working day, tidy your office and organise your desktop (we all have unnecessary screenshot images floating around). Being organised will naturally make you feel excited to work the next day.

5. Turn off distractions 

Avoid anything that will distract you from working, turn off notifications from your phone, avoid checking emails often, instead check your emails only at specific times or time of the day.

6. Change your work environment 

When you work from home, you don't always need to actually work from home. Try working in cafes or hotel lobbies or even try co-working space. We love And.Co and WeWork. Working alone can feel lonely so it's nice to break up the week and go to an environment where you have people around you.

7.Get out of the House

Being home all the time is tiring. Try to get out of the house and expose yourself to the outside world even if it is just popping to the supermarket for 20 minutes.

8.Exercise and Meditate

Try to go to the Gym or even long walks, at least twice a week. Fresh air will naturally  make you feel energised and positive. If you find it hard to switch off then get into the habit of meditating daily. We love apps such Headspace and Calm.

9.Take Regular Breaks

Give yourself daily breaks from screens and eat lunch away from your desk! Having slow carb snacks and light lunch will make you less sluggish, instead help to stay alert and focused.

10. Socialise with friends 

Make plans to see family and friends and talk about something completely unrelated to your work. You will feel happy and energised. Also taking your mind off work can sometimes help to be more creative and come up with new ideas.

If you are interested in understanding more on remote working, then listen to our Podcastwhere we go deeper on this topic and share our own experiences as seasoned remote workers.

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About the author 

Shumi Perhiniak

Shumi is a self-taught graphic designer and illustrator who has worked for Toni&Guy, Renaissance Learning, Baker Ross, and many others.

Additionally, she owned a brick-and-mortar stationery shop selling her art prints and now sells wholesale to retailers and online shops under the brand name

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