Photoshop CS5 has lots of amazing new features and in this seminar you can learn to use all of them. You can learn how to properly use Content-aware Fill, HDR Toning, Refine Mask, Puppet Warp, 3D text, etc. The examples used for this seminar are completely different to the ones you might have seen in other presentations. The presentation is 45 minutes long and it is the unedited recorded version of the live seminar.

Click on this link to watch the seminar:
Photoshop CS5 new features – eSeminar

Examples from the presentation:

Feedback from the attendees:
Dan Lay: Epic, epic seminar, thank you
Terry Scoltock: great demo thanks
David Haverty: my brain hurts 🙂
Fiona Urquhart: super! thanks very much!
Farooq Afzal: thank you very much,really good
Diane Morris: Great seminar thank you!
Kim Noce: Wonderful… THANK YOU.
William Colverson: another good one thanks
Mary Davis: Many thanks very usefull
Rochelle Schwartz: amazing – thanks
Lina Hansson: Thanks from a snowy Stockholm 😉 even after 11 years with phooshop, there’s always new stuff to learn! thanks for sharing 🙂
Graham Tattersall: Thank You, this was my First eSeminar, and I really enjoyed it.
Richard Nagy-Hegyi: Keep this thing going Martin! Thanks! 🙂
Elizabeth Connolly: Thank you, I’m becoming addicted to photoshop, great seminar
Ealesh Patel: Great tips and very useful, thank you 🙂
Clifford Shirley: Very good seminar, I am speechless. Lots of great stuff to think about.
Lina Hansson: as a photographer, i especially appreciated the hair/cloth masking tips, those were always so timeconsuming
Murray Wellwood: Thank you from Scotland. Loved the seminar.
Jeremy Naunton: It was great – as usual – thanks.
Richard Nagy-Hegyi: Have to leave now. Thanks for this again Martin! You gave me the last push to never ever open corel again 🙂 See you soon. Szia!

Many thanks for those who attended the seminar and I hope we will meet on the next presentation!

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