To create a much better, more tailored student experience, we decided to restructure our offering completely. The new and refined Membership options are carefully curated to match the needs and goals of a beginner and advanced students. 

We are introducing the STARTER and PLUS Memberships, while the PRO Membership stays as is with a higher price to better match its premium value. 

All existing members can keep their plans and won't be affected by the price change!

Why did we decide to change?

The most important question for us is how successful are we in helping people to grow as a designer? Nourishing talent from the very start all the way to becoming creative professionals.

Since the foundation of Yes I'm a Designer in 2010 our course library has grown a lot, but without structure, without a clear path to follow, a massive library of courses can feel like a maze. For most students just starting out, the more content we add, the more daunting it gets to decide what to learn first.

An amazing milestone for us was the launch of the Pro Membership in 2019, a unique learning solution allowing us to provide mentoring to our most committed and ambitious students. I’m very proud to see that today we have hundreds of Pro students participating in projects, building amazing portfolios and finding success as independent freelancers or in-house designers. While lately we focused most of our effort to the Pro Membership and helping more advanced students, we realized that we must not forget about students who are completely new to the world of Graphic Design.

We also noticed that by offering individual courses, bundles and an access-all membership we create a lot of confusion. It is also unfair to those who buy a course just to later find out that there was a more advantageous price plan they didn't know of.

To address these challenges we decided to streamline and simplify the learning experience for all levels of students by offering three Membership options, each helping to reach a clear goal.

Pro Membership

The Pro Membership doesn't change in structure and intent, it just gets better and better as we continuously add more projects, webinars, and as the Pro Community continuously grows. Two new MasterClass courses are on the way that we are very excited about: 

  • Design Theory MasterClass
  • Adobe XD MasterClass. 

Since its introduction the Pro Membership grew in contents and value greatly with over 100+ hours of video training added. To be able to keep up the quality and value provided for our Pro Member students we increased the price to $67/month.

The steeper subscription fee might lead to less Pro students, but this will allow us to concentrate our efforts reviewing their work and providing more bespoke mentoring.


If you are already a Pro Member, your fee stays the same.

Starter Membership

For students just starting in design we introduce the Starter Membership for $19 a month, featuring a brand new, guided program specifically tailored to beginner level students. 

The Graphic Design Starter Bootcamp is a three-month long, guided learning program, with the content released weekly, covering Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and Adobe XD as well as the key principles of Design theory.

Exploring new subjects week by week, helps to focus on building blocks of graphic design (i.e. typography, images, shapes, color, etc.) building progressively on the knowledge you already acquired and practiced in previous weeks.

Each week also includes an exciting design project (e.g. leaflet design, magazine cover design, app and web design, t-shirt design, etc.) The weekly projects are designed to give gratification and a sense of accomplishment right from the beginning, but also challenge you as you progress to build your confidence.

It is the perfect choice for those who are just starting out, and don't yet want to decide how far they want to go in design.

Seeing how immensely beneficial the Pro Community is to our Pro members we also launch a new Starter Community along with the Bootcamp.

  • This Community is to help you find like-minded students giving a sense of fellowship right from the start of your learning journey.
  • You can get answers faster as well as helping others by sharing.
  • Teaching is the highest level of learning and this Community can help you to solidify your knowledge.

The new Starter Membership is available at $19 per month!

Although the core content of the Bootcamp is covered in the first 12 weeks, students are encouraged to stay subscribed to the the Starter Membership for longer to allow them continued access to the exercises, lessons and projects. For those who are just starting out this program offers a terrific value at a very affordable price. Many of our early testers said, that they wished they have had this when they started out.  

After 15 years of teaching Graphic Design in classroom and online, I believe the Graphic Design Starter Bootcamp will be the most beneficial design learning program you can find online, offering similar (if not better) learning experience to expensive design schools.

At the end of the 3rd month students will be equipped and ready to transition to the Pro Membership and establish themselves as Creative Professionals by taking on more advanced creative projects and receive mentoring from our instructors.

Plus Membership

For those, who want to further develop their software skills in the applications covered in the Bootcamp (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and Adobe XD), or work with Motion Graphics, we are introducing a new beginner to intermediate program: the Plus membership.

This Membership grants you access to all our MasterClasses, while you have continuous access to the Bootcamp and the Starter Community as well.

You can choose to upgrade to the Plus once you finished the Bootcamp or enroll to it from the beginning.

Compared to the Bootcamp, the MasterClasses are focusing on individual applications and they go deeper in functions and workflows. It takes around 1-2 months to complete each, but compared to the Bootcamp here you gain immediate access to every lesson from the moment you start a MasterClass. 

The new Plus Membership is available at $35 per month!

The legacy Standard Membership

The old Standard Membership is discontinued. Also, individual courses won't be available to buy separately or as part of bundles. This means that moving forward our courses can only be accessed through our Memberships.

Existing Standard Members or single course owners will continue to have access to their courses and won't be affected by the changes we are introducing.

If you purchased a course for lifetime access in the past, you will continue to access it without any limitations. 

If you are a present Standard Member, you can chose to stay in it, paying the same price you are paying now. In this case you don’t need to do anything. You will continue to access all our present courses, but no new courses will be added to this legacy subscription. (Naturally all existing courses will be kept up-to-date with lessons added when new features are released.

We sent individual emails to all of you who access any of our courses explaining these changes, and how it affects you, or not at all. We wanted to make sure that no existing students of ours would be affected negatively in any way by the new prices we introduced.

If you have any questions please drop us an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Review the Starter, Plus and Pro Memberships:


$19 / month

$35 / month

$67 / month

$670 / year

Access to the Graphic Design Starter Bootcamp & Starter Community

The Bootcamp is a 3-months-long guided learning program for beginner students or hobbyist designers with fun projects and a supportive community of like-minded students. 

Certification for each completed course

Both Martin (graphic design) and Ozgur (motion graphics) are renowned masters of their field, and among the best Adobe Certified Instructors globally. You will get a signed certificate for each course you complete.

Quizzes, downloadable exercise files & resources

Test your knowledge by taking quizzes and practice everything you learn with structured exercises and useful training materials.

Creative community

Be inspired by joining a thriving community of creative spirits. Share your work to get valuable feedback from fellow students.

All our MasterClasses and the
Graphic Design Theory Series 

Choose from 9 complete MasterClasses to learn industry-standard design applications like Illustrator, Photoshop, Premiere Pro or Cinema 4D. You can also access all 12 courses of the comprehensive Graphic Design Theory series.


Access our entire course library

In addition to our Masterclasses, you will have access to project-based courses such as the Character Design course or the 365 Days of Creativity, which help more experienced students improve their portfolios and create stunning design pieces.



Creative projects with personalised feedback

Choose from various Career Paths like (Graphic Design, Illustration, UX & Web Design, Logo etc.) and get monthly feedback and guidance on your work from us.



Interactive webinars and priority support

Take part in monthly live events and speak with Martin and his team of creative professionals.



Start Your Membership now  ❯

$19 / month

$35 / month

$67 / month

$670 / year

About the author 

Martin Perhiniak

Martin Perhiniak is a Certified Adobe Design Master and Instructor. He was voted to be one of the top 10 Adobe instructors in the world by student feedback in 2015. In his online courses besides the technical knowledge you need, Martin will also teach you a lot about design principles, compositional techniques and plenty of best practices that he picked up and developed while working as a designer and retoucher on projects such as Pixar’s Cars and Toy Story, BBC’s Dr Who or Mattel’s Team Hot Wheels. He feels it his mission to share his insights of the design industry and its latest trends with beginners and creative professionals around the World.

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