Welcome Creatives!

For the whole of 2018 YES is running one of our most ambitious projects yet! 365 Days Of Creativity and we want you to collaborate with us! 

You can find all the details you need to start collaborating with us and to produce your own video, for this year long series. This project is all about learning skills, staying inspired and getting excited to create new work so we want you to share a working method you enjoy using, with our creative community.

If you are already here hopefully you know a bit about the project however if you don’t. Simply click here to find out everything you need to know and then here to take a look at our videos so far.

Benefits of collaborating

Get featured

On our YouTube channel and
have your work seen by 70k+ growing subscribers!

Get noticed

We will include links to your channel, website and social media, Helping you get more opportunities!

Get started

Taking part in this serious will give you the confidence of creating tutorials on your own.

What we need from you

Interested? Below is an outline of the design challenge. Then at the bottom of this page download our PDF to get all the details you need i.e file formats, sizes, further advice and contact details.

  • Choose a working method, technique, process, skill etc which you use and would like to share with others. This could be anything from hand lettering to fan art. 
  • Think about how you can demonstrate this skill in a mini creative project. Do you need to design a Character, animate an object etc. Work out the key steps involved in using this skill and be sure to keep them in mind.
  • Film your process in a clear manner, so people can follow what you are doing easily (watch the video below to learn how to start recording your process). Remember the speed of your original video will be increased a lot so to be turned into a time-lapse. So don’t worry about little mistakes or getting to hung up on the details. We care about seeing it come together.
  • caret-right
    Identify the 4 most important steps in your process, write these into a document ready to send to us. The steps will feature on the smaller information cards. Which we will produce once you have sent over your video. 

Find out how to easily record your work on desktop computers and mobile devices:

Keep in mind that your final result needs to look professional and engaging so it fit's nicely with the rest of the series. Take a look at some examples of our designs from January:

illustration appreciate a dragon
editorial spread soup
bird pattern design
 collaborate with YES shiny example
collaborate with illustration example
collaborate with theory example

Good Luck! Keep an eye on the countdown.
Submit your work before it runs out to see it featured in March!