Date: 6-7th October 2012

Enquire at: [email protected]

About the course:

Have you ever imagined yourself working on blockbuster movies or computer games designing characters, monsters, weapons, cities, castles, spaceships and planets? For most of us it is a distant dream out of reach, but you found what the best starting point for your digital art career. In this intense but fun two-day training you can learn all the techniques used by professional digital artists from Martin Perhiniak, Adobe Design Master Instructor. He has been working with companies like Disney, Warner Brothers, Cartoon Network, Sony Pictures, Mattel, DC Comics on various design projects. Millions of viewers follow his online tutorials worldwide, but now you have the chance to meet him in person and spend two days with him learning all his best kept digital art secrets.


  • digital art basics
  • theory
  • brushes
  • finding and using references
  • inspiration
  • using a tablet
  • digital sketching
  • digital painting techniques
  • portraits
  • dynamic character poses
  • concept art projects
  • vehicle design
  • character design
  • monster design
  • weapon design
  • environment design
  • matte painting projects
  • futuristic cityscape
  • fantasy landscape

Digital Art Workshop Testimonials from Martin Perhiniak on Vimeo.

Prior knowledge needed for the course:

Basic understanding of Photoshop. If you are not confident, you can prepare for the course by watching Martin’s tutorial series called Photoshop Basix on PSDtuts+:

Applications used:


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