Creative Consultation is a new and unique training experience for your design or marketing team. You don’t have to send your employees to trainings anymore, instead have an Adobe Certified Expert and Instructor to go to your office for a couple of days and be part of your team as an advisor or mentor.

Advantages of the consultation to the traditional classroom-based training:

  • More personalised training for the company
  • No time wasted on employees leaving office
  • Every employee gets their own personal training experience that is tailored exactly to their needs and their level of knowledge
  • There is no limitation in the amount of employees being involved in the training
  • The training happening in your office/studio the instructor gets the chance to see the setup and the way your employees use their own computers (compared to a “sterile” training room environment)
  • The trainer becomes a part of your team taking the rolls of a senior designer giving helping hand with design tasks and features of applications and an IT technician helping with the setup of computers
  • Thanks to the flexibility and personalised nature of the training it works also as a team-building experience

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