YES, they made it! 

Our goal here at YES is to turn creative ambitions into creative job opportunities and to provide you with everything you need to design your career! 

You guys have been getting in touch to let us know about how you are getting on and we've been extremely inspired by your stories, successes and new creative job roles. Nice one!

SO, we have decided to produce this blog series. Each post will feature a new member of our community, their story and feature work they have sent over to us!

Learn from: Ajai Victoria
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We're kicking of the series with a bang! This is an awesome example of how if you are passionate and committed you can totally change your career path in a matter of months and land that creative job!

Before starting his learning journey with Yes I’m a designer AJ was employed as a Aerospace engineer and now? He’s a junior Graphic Designer this seems quite an unusual jump but one he was determined to make.  

"Because of the passion and love I have in art and 
creative drawings" 

Ajai Victoria

Find out how he did it...

Youtube provided AJ with a free learning platform to explore multiple tutorials and approaches to learning design software (a seriously awesome platform, we cannot stress how much we love YouTube.)

"I began to love photoshop and tried to learn more about it through various tutorials and I always had a thought that Adobe Illustrator is complicated and I distance myself from that software and focused only on Photoshop"

I think most of us have experienced a similar feeling, where one piece of software just seems to click, you find it easier to pick up and understand. Then you meet the rest and naturally you feel pretty intimidated!

We are happy to say, this is where we come in!

What’s absolutely amazing about this story is that after AJ discovered YES’s Youtube channel and decided he wanted to learn more. He took out a subscription, for one month and watched ALL of the courses. Every. Single. Course. In one month.

Now if that’s not creative ambition we don’t know what is! 

So let’s see how he got on…

Ajai Victoria

Design Intern

"I started my training with photoshop and I got so interested in it I completed it within 2 days, after this training I got so much confidence to work with the software. The best part of my
journey with "Yes I'm a Designer" is it broke my fear on the software adobe illustrator.

I just completed the course in only 5 days and the thing is now I'm in love with illustrator more than Photoshop and I was taught a lot of tips and techniques.

Adobe Illustrator is my favourite course because I had no idea how powerful vector drawings are, and I learnt lots and lots of tricks, shortcuts, methods and all the tools
that are available in illustrator.

I became familiar with the interface in few days and started creating my own vector artworks and the way the entire course is taught is very interesting and Martin is the
best tutor, in my opinion. The way he handles the software shows experience and
skills and no doubt that he was one of the top 10 adobe tutors.

From this course we don't only learn about software but also we can get lots of tips
for our career and you can feel the positivity and good vibes from his teaching. Btw I completed a the courses in a month due to the way its taught and I am always hungry
to learn more 🙂"

If you also fancy learning some impressive keyboard shortcuts to help streamline your workflow download the PDF here.

Learning about AJ’s story was a brilliant and inspiring experience for our team! Especially due to the fact that the Illustrator CC Masterclass totally changed his opinion of the programme, increased his confidence and helped him take that first step in his creative career!

We would love to learn your about your story!

To be featured in this series simply email emily@yesimadesigner. With a small description about yourself and your experience with YES and we will get in touch!  

Feeling inspired and want to start learning? Check out our Courses, Youtube channel or
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About the author 

Emily Melling

Emily Melling studied a degree in Visual Communication, after graduating she became a freelance graphic designer, specialising in Branding & Identity. She enjoys developing working relationships with clients and other creatives who are open to exploring new and innovative ideas.

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