Illustrator tutorials

10 Principles of Character Illustration
Learn more about Character design, Illustration and telling a story through creative work in our latest YouTube livestream and this blog post.
Artist Interview – Beatrix Hatcher
We caught up with student Beatrix Hatcher and find out more about her life as an illustration student!
Self-Portrait in Illustrator – Red Dead Redemption style
A work-flow for transforming yourself into a Red Dead character using a combination of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator!

Photoshop tutorials

33 Tips for Mastering Photoshop Layers
Pick up 33 time saving tips, techniques and short cuts for working with layers in Photoshop CC 2019. You won't know hoe you lived without them!
Superhero Movie Poster Ranking
Learn what makes some superhero movie posters better than others. We will be judging them by their overall composition and design.
Artist Interview – Aron Leah
Artist interview with Aron Leah, Bournemouth based in-house designer. We recently caught up with Aron to find out how he got started and how he stays inspired!

InDesign tutorials

5 important Graphic Design rules to follow
We share 5 important Graphic Design rules to follow along with useful tips and tutorials on better design layout and composition!
Adobe Max 2018
Adobe Max was extremely inspiring, we met so many awesome creatives, tried out many new features and got a sneak peak into what to expect from Adobe creative cloud 2019!
365 Days of Creativity Design Brief – May
Are you ready to take part in a creative challenge? Find out more about how to take part and get your work featured on our site and YouTube channel.