Adobe Premiere Rush CC had to be one of the things I was most interested to try out when it was announced at Adobe Max in LA last year. After having a few months to give it a whirl this is what I think and how you could make the most of this app.

iphone-photography-architecture_premier rush cc
First let's start with what Rush CC actually is just in-case you aren't to sure yet!

Rush is a piece of cloud based video editing software. It works across phones, tablets and laptops and because it is cloud based means any edits you make on one device will automatically be synced and updated. So no matter what devise you open a project you are working on it will be totally up-to-date. 

(Adobe has another cloud based product for editing still images called Lightroom CC.)

Rush app aims to open up the world of editing to a wider audience. The interface focuses on basic but useful editing tools. You can easily manipulate colour, audio and even add motion graphics to a project. And you can do this on whatever devise you have handy! 

Available on:
iSO, Mac OS & Windows (coming soon to android)

sequence premier rush cc

On-the go

I have found myself gravitating towards the mobile application of Rush far more and I think this is where it's at it's most useful.

Being able to capture footage in the application or simply import from the phone you are using means you can create a story on-the-go. This not only means you can make and even post videos as you get on with your day. It also saves you time later. No need to drag footage from a memory card into a desktop application.

capture or import Adobe Premiere Rush CC
Social Tool

Adobe was very forward about advertising Rush as a tool for those who want to make brilliant content for social media. It certainly makes video editing more accessible and saves time. However it also helps you to create content that feels just a little more real. Which I personally think is invaluable.

In 2019 we are seeing a shift towards more 'organic' feeling content. People are tiered of the over polished, unrealistic content we have got used to seeing. Instead they want to see something more honest and feel like they are really getting a glimpse into another lifestyle or brands story. Rush is the perfect tool for this.

You can capture what you are doing on the spot and you are still able to edit the footage in a professional way, however it's hard to get to caught up in making it perfect or over thinking it. Then once you are done export the footage straight to the desired platform Instagram, YouTube etc.

A pretty prefect tool for anyone looking to get into creating content for social media for either personal or professional use!

 project size Adobe Premiere Rush CC
Adobe Premiere Rush CC presets

You can decide the format of each project you start, something which is also editable later on. 
Plus use built in presets to add style or help to brand your videos.


All of this being said there are definitely some restrictions I have found frustrating when using Rush.

The application has been designed to be easy to use and the on-boarding process acts as a great way to introduce you to the software and its interface. This is perfect for beginners but if you are used to working in Premier Pro (the application Rush is based on and integrates with) you may find yourself missing a few features!

This is not the end of the world as all of the projects you create in Rush can be opened in Premier. However this involves heading back to a desktop application which may not be convenient. Also once you have started editing in Premier you cannot re-open in Rush the integration only works one way.

It would be great to see a few more options whilst editing video clips.

I really missed being able to speed up or slow down a clip. Changing the speed of different clips helps add a variety of pace in the video and makes it more engaging. 

I also missed being able to reverse the clip so it is played backwards. This is quite trendy in simple video edits especially for social media platforms. Think of the boomerang feature on Instagram. It would be great to see this introduced in Rush and I think I would spend more time in the app as a result.


  • Adobe have definitely got it right. If you want to create simple, professional and 'real' video content on-the-go this application is the one to download.

  • Great for both work and personal content.  It acts as a great way to get into editing before you move on-to other pieces of software. You can really focus on the types of shots you take, what movements look good, how to crop a shot etc. Without getting bogged down with to many bells and whistles.

  • Cloud bases applications are brilliant because they give your-workflow flexibility. So find which device you personally prefer using and have fun playing around!

  • Rush may not be for you if you are used to creating more complex video projects. Or if you need a lot of flexibility when editing clips. However it could be a cool way to start a project, that you then open in the more advanced Premier Pro. Which Rush is based on and works seamlessly with.

project premier rush cc
premier rush cc title
premier rush cc volume

Above you can see how the timeline looks, how you can and adjust title animations & and edit or adjust the volume.

I hope you enjoyed this post and found it useful! If you have any features you love or would like to see introduced to Rush CC let us know in the comments below!

About the author 

Emily Melling

Emily Melling studied a degree in Visual Communication, after graduating she became a freelance graphic designer, specialising in Branding & Identity. She enjoys developing working relationships with clients and other creatives who are open to exploring new and innovative ideas.

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