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Subscribing to our site will give you full access to our full course library, which we are pretty proud of! All of our courses have been written by creative professionals and designed to be easy and even fun to learn from! 

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Our courses library is every growing, subscribers have instant access to anything we new we release!

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Master Applications

Our MasterClasses teach users everything they need to know about industry standard software. Right from the basics, up to the most advanced settings. The courses are clearly broken down into chapters so learners can jump in wherever they need to and pick up new skills.

Take on Creative Assignments

Learn and design simultaneously using the online lectures and downloadable working files, which are yours to keep. Completing project based courses improves technical skills and provides a chance to work on real creative assignments with briefs and deliverables.

Test your Knowledge

Test your new found skills using our built in interactive quizzes. Spot any weakness that come up and head back to study those topics in the course.

Discover New Passions

Our course library covers a whole host of topics and MasterClasses for the key Adobe Applications. Explore new areas of design and nurture those skills.

Get Adobe Certified

Our MasterClasses will also teach you everything you need to know to pass Adobe Certified exams.

Being an Adobe Certified Expert not only gives creatives more confidence in themselves but will help a cv, portfolio etc to stand out in a competitive industry.


Further Benefits

Our team want our students to get the best learning experience from the courses and provide as much support as possible. Here are some of the other benefits of subscribing to our course library. 

  • Learn at your own pace, in your own time, anywhere you like. All you need is a WIFI connection. We'll save your spot in a course so you can pick it up with ease next time. 
  • Courses come with downloadable working files which are yours to keep and learn from even if you decide to end your subscription. 
  • Get support from the YES team if you are stuck or have a question about a course or design topic.
  • Be a part of a growing creative community. Developing a career in the creative industry can be tricky but we are all in the same boat and here to share the experience.  

Adobe Certified Instructors

All of our instructors are Certified Experts.

Learn Whenever, Wherever

 Learn whenever, wherever it suits you. Whether that's at home, in a cafe or with friends.

Access All Courses

Every learner will have access to our
ever growing library.

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What our students say:

'Good course, well arranged, professional content. Designed to do what it says, turn you from zero to hero!'

Daniel Murene, Online student

'The portfolio review at AUB  was a really valuable workshop and one I know I will keep learning from in many years to come!'

Sarah Munro, Arts University Bournemouth

Wow!! Great class! I have been using InDesign for 4 years and have taken other InDesign classes and watched a lot of InDesign videos but this is the BEST InDesign class I have every had. It definitely is a MasterClass!

Debra Mosely, Online student

'The best online course I‘ve ever taken. Very good explanations and well thought out tasks to apply what you have learnt. A very important factor for me as non-native speaker!'

Frank Wolff, Online student

This course is absolutely amazing. I am already excited to follow along with the monthly exercises. They are perfectly structured, and I will be able to easily do them alongside my work.

Zoltán Tóth, Online student

Martin and his team do a great job of presenting and instructing in the use of Adobe CC for creative ideas.

Duane Schultz, Online student

Student work

Check out some of the work our students have submitted to online competitions we have ran through our YouTube channel.

Here's some of the outcomes students have produced.

YES student Marina Matau work

Postcard, designed by Marina Matau

creative student Dorota Kight design work

Logo, designed by Dorota Knight

postcard Audrey velia

Logo, designed by Audrey Velia

illustration by Bun Mestry lighthouse

Illustration by Bun Mestry

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