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Got it! We won't be sending you more emails about the new PRO features.

You will still have access to the PRO features during the Early Access program, but we won't be bugging you with emails. If you are still interested to find out more about this update please read the details below.

Creative projects
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from industry experts

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Student forums and discussions

Interactive live streams

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As long as you stay on your current monthly subscription you will have free access to these premium features during the Trial Period.

Early Bird Discount

If you decide to upgrade to PRO membership during the Trial Period we will reward you with a discounted monthly fee for an ENTIRE YEAR! 

Your current monthly membership fee is $19. When the PRO membership officially launches on the 1st September 2019 it will be available for $29 per month. If you decide to upgrade during the Trial Period we will give you a special discounted rate of $25 per month for an entire year. This can mean close to $50 saved in total.

If you want to take this offer please fill in your Name and Email address and we will upgrade your account automatically using the $25 per month discounted rate. You will only be charged this higher amount after the Trial Period ends.

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