Each month we are creating an online graphic design magazine through using InDesign Publish Online feature.
We are covering our monthly tips, time-lapse and commentary videos as well as interviewing creatives, sharing inspirations and exploring graphic design trends!

Inside the first issue 

This is our first issue, which includes:

  • creative inspirations
  • our top 10 trend predictions for year 2018
  • overview of our 365 Days of Creativity projects from January.

Here are some examples of our spreads:

Creatives to follow

We love showcasing other designers work who we really admire!

Top 1​​​​0 trends for 2018

Stay on top of the game and find out some our favourite design trends for 2018!

Commentary videos for 365 series

Find all the commentary and time-lapse videos from the January series!

Interview with designer Elia Colombo

Gain insider knowledge as Elia explores his working process and how he started out as a designer!

Flip through and preview the pages of our magazine's first issue:

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