Do you need a designer for your next project?
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Send a design contest to our private community

If you are looking for a cost-effective and hassle-free way to get high-quality designs for your next project
running a design contest in our private student community can be a great option!

Outstanding quality - lower cost

• Our students are super motivated to give their best! We love it too, because it means putting all they've learned into practice.

• Unlike in open design contest platforms, they share their work for feedback with fellow students or us. 

• This means great quality designs - from world-class talents still at the beginning of their career.

Unlike in freelance marketplaces

✓ You don't need to hire a single designer blindly
✓ You don't pay up front, just the winner of your choice
✓ It's peer to peer, no one delegates further
No fees from us - we only do this to serve our students

Submit your brief here

The steps to apply are simple

  1. You fill the form on the right hand side with a brief summary of your design project in mind.
  2. We contact you back via email to discuss the fine details (fee, deadline, brand style etc.)
  3. Once all is clear, we publish the contest in our private student community and keep you updated on the progress.
  4. You decide on the winner!

 * It have to be a paid assignment. Payment means accountability and professionalism, on both ends.

We have 500+ active members, so far all contests were very successful with clients overly pleased with the results!
With this being said, we can't guarantee that you'll find a fitting design, or how many students would take on the project. It usually depends on the brief, the payment and how many other contests are live at the time. 

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When should you consider submitting a design contest with us?

Running a design contest in our private community can be a good choice if you don't have a go to designer to work with.

You can build a really good network of top talent young designers. Better than choosing blindly on a freelance marketplace. 

If you are on a tighter budget - you will be spending less than you would with an established designer or agency, since most our aspiring designers are in the beginning of their career. With this being said we propose realistic, fair pricing.

If you don't have an exact idea of what you'd like to see, a contest will give you a lot of different creative approaches, styles and compositions. If you have a very defined idea or style in mind, finding a single designer who fits that might be a better option.

If you have a short deadline, running a contest is a less ideal option. With a bit longer deadline more designers can take up on the challenge, and they have more time to share their work for review. Sele