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master visual communication

with the most comprehensive online training series of 12 courses

covering over 500 design principles, rules and terms!

Master visual communication with the most comprehensive online training series of 12 courses covering over 500 design principles, rules and terms!

"WHat Am I missing?"

You might be good at using design applications like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign — the 'how.’ It is now time to learn the elusive side of graphic design, beyond skills — the 'why.’

The secret ingredient that can elevate your work is Graphic Design Theory. It’s the 'why' behind every decision you make as a graphic designer. It is the key to make a lasting visual impact on your audience.

The Graphic Design Theory Series was made to help you evolve from a mere user of design applications to a true expert of effective visual communication. The knowledge you can acquire here will help you whether you are a seasoned creative professional or just starting out as a graphic designer, and it will serve you for the rest of your life.

You might be good at using design applications like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign — the 'how.’ It is now time to learn the elusive side of graphic design, beyond skills — the 'why.’

The secret ingredient that can elevate your work is Graphic Design Theory. It’s the 'why' behind every decision you make as a graphic designer. It is the key to make a lasting visual impact on your audience.

The Graphic Design Theory Series was made to help you evolve from a mere user of design applications to a true expert of effective visual communication. The knowledge you can acquire here will help you whether you are a seasoned creative professional or just starting out as a graphic designer, and it will serve you for the rest of your life.

Control the balance, rhythm and visual hierarchy to amaze your clients

This course will give you the knowledge to always make the right choices and make every single project a success.

You will clearly understand how to use focal points, proportions, contrast, colors, harmony, and rhythm—every element to create the exact effect you want for your viewers. 

Learn how people react to visuals, what they find appealing, what grabs their attention and what will motivate them to buy or make a decision.

The most in-depth resource

What makes learning about design theory so difficult is not only that it is a vast subject, but that everything is related.

This is why I worked for more than a year on this series, creating the most extensive library on graphic design theory  you will ever find, explained in a clear, to-the-point and practical way.

Within the course, there are about 100 creative exercises, with more than 80 inspiration boards. We also cover over 500 definitions and analyze more than 1000 design examples.

You can also test your knowledge with analysis worksheets, term glossaries and quizzes.









Training series, handbook or resource library — your choice!

The most unique feature of the Graphic Design Theory Series is that you can pick any lesson from any of the 12 courses and it will make sense on its own. You don't have to watch the lessons in any particular order.

You can use this vast resource of knowledge as your own graphic design theory library, where you will always find answers and inspiration whenever you feel stuck with a creative project.

Boost your confidence by understanding how to make engaging, clear and effective compositions and learn the language of design in order to communicate with clients, printers, developers and other creative professionals.

Liam C. Kelley

I've taken courses from Lynda, Skillshare, etc. and know my way around the various Adobe products. However, I am really learning a ton from Martin. Even when I watch basic videos like "drawing" in Illustrator, I find myself saying "Oh! I did not know that!!" This series is very well designed, and Martin is an excellent educator.

Whether you are starting out or want to make sure that you are really getting everything you can out of Adobe products, this is a great place to do it. Yes, Martin has a lot of stuff on YouTube, but the information in this series is structured and organized, so you can clearly progress and learn skills in an efficient manner.

Main topics we cover in this series:

Color & Contrast

Hue, chroma, saturation, value, tone, shade, tint, color spaces, color wheel, color temperature, meanings of colors, color harmonies, perception of color, color blindness, types of contrast, etc.


Type anatomy, pairing fonts, legibility, readability, alignment, justification, ligatures, calligraphy, handlettering, leading, tracking, kerning, rags & rivers, orphans & widows, using text for visual interest, etc.

psychology of design

Gestalt principles: closure, continuity, figure-ground, common fate, simplicity, symmetry, past experience, similarity, uniform connectedness, common regions, proximity, etc.

unity & harmony

Repetition, consistency, visual tempo, random rhythm, alternating rhythm, flowing rhythm, progressive rhythm, variety, framing, pattern, motif, grouping, containers, holding devices, etc.


Depth, overlap, overlay, shape, form, texture, perspective, leading lines, negative space, white space, proximity, foreshortening, implied space, vanishing point, volume, micro/macro space, etc.

composition & layout

Rule of thirds, golden ratio, golden spiral, direction, flow, silhouette, contour, outline, profile, line, tangent, reading gravity, primary optical area, open/closed composition, masthead, running head, etc.


Visual weight, reflectional symmetry, radial symmetry, asymmetry, alignment, modular grids, spatial zones, colum grids, baseline grid, optical movement, medium disturbance, illusory motion, orientation, viewpoint, etc.


Focal point, entry point, information prioritization, dominance, emphasis, scale, position, proportion, exaggeration, propositional density, accent color, deep propositon, etc.

process of design

Stages of creative process, tools of the trade, creative brief, contract, research, moodboards, sketching, brainstorming, ideation, mind maps, presentation, client feedback, iteraton, delivery, design contests, creative portfolio, etc.

print design

Resolution, color separation, bleed, offset printing, digital printing, screen printing, foil stamping, coating, embossing, bindery, paper types, color management, logo design, brochures, posters, editorial design, packaging, etc.

web & digital design

Navigation, usability, file formats, screen sizes, responsive design, UX/UI design, app design, design systems, icon design, banner ads, social media design, digital publishing, motion design, AR & VR, etc.

graphic Design theory series

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Nunzia Terminiello

When I started this series three months ago, I had no experience in Graphic Design but thanks to Martin’s lessons and his advice, I’ve really learnt a lot. All the lessons are well organised and clearly explained and this has definitely given me confidence of developing the skills I needed. 

Besides, I love the fact that he dedicates his time to review our works and gives a lot of precious insights. I’m really happy to be part of this group!

creatives, artists, bloggers, marketers -


who would benefit the most by learning Design Theory

This training series is a perfect fit for any field where visual communication and aesthetic harmony are important.
For graphic designers in particular, this knowledge will begin to elevate everything you already do well, making your workflow more enjoyable and your end result much more satisfying. This course will suit you if:

  • You are a freelance graphic designer and you want to win clients over every single time.
  • You have a hobby or a little side project, which requires creating visuals (blog, vlog, social media profile, publication etc.)
  • You are an ambitious entrepreneur or marketer and you want to get the best value for your money when working with creative freelancers or agencies.
  • Your career would benefit from understanding design principles even without skills in design applications. You love aesthetics, whether in art, photography, a beautiful webpage, or a stunning video game — and you'd love to understand what makes some designs better than others.

The Graphic Design Theory Series is available as a single bundle purchase with Lifetime Access to all chapters. It is also included in our Plus and Pro Memberships.

Plus Membership

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$35 $29.75 / month

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Included in the Plus Membership

  • Everything from the Starter Membership, plus
  • Our new Graphic Design Theory MasterClass Series
  • All Graphic Design MasterClasses on Photoshop*, Illustrator*, Lightroom and InDesign
  • All Motion Design MasterClasses on Premiere Pro, After Effects and Cinema4D
  • A preparation guide to the Adobe ACA Exam

* These Applications have both a desktop and iPad version with seperate MasterClasses for each

Single purchase

Lifetime access to the entire
Graphic Design Theory Series

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What you will get

  • Lifetime access to our new Graphic Design Theory MasterClass Series (12 Courses)
  • All future updates and added lessons
  • You won't need an active membership to access the Theory MasterClass Series
  • Certifications upon each course completion

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

We want you to get the most from your learning experience with Yes I'm a Designer. However, if you change your mind for whatever reason, we offer a full refund within 30 days of purchase. Just get in touch with us so we can either help you get the results you need or give you a swift refund.
(We cannot process refunds to students who have completed more than 10% of any selected course.)

Which Membership is the best for me?

Please keep in mind that the Theory MasterClass Series is only available in the Plus and Pro tier.


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Access to the Graphic Design Starter Bootcamp & Starter Community

The Bootcamp is a 3-months-long guided learning program for beginner students or hobbyist designers with fun projects and a supportive community of like-minded students. 

Certification for each completed course

Both Martin (graphic design) and Ozgur (motion graphics) are renowned masters of their field, and among the best Adobe Certified Instructors globally. You will get a signed certificate for each course you complete.

Quizzes, downloadable exercise files & resources

Test your knowledge by taking quizzes and practice everything you learn with structured exercises and useful training materials.

Creative community

Be inspired by joining a thriving community of creative spirits. Share your work to get valuable feedback from fellow students.

All our MasterClasses and the
Graphic Design Theory Series 

Choose from 9 complete MasterClasses to learn industry-standard design applications like Illustrator, Photoshop, Premiere Pro or Cinema 4D. You can also access all 12 courses of the comprehensive Graphic Design Theory series.


Access our entire course library

In addition to our Masterclasses, you will have access to project-based courses such as the Character Design course or the 365 Days of Creativity, which help more experienced students improve their portfolios and create stunning design pieces.



Creative projects with personalised feedback

Choose from various Career Paths like (Graphic Design, Illustration, UX & Web Design, Logo etc.) and get monthly feedback and guidance on your work from us.



Interactive webinars and priority support

Take part in monthly live events and speak with Martin and his team of creative professionals.



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Meet Your Instructor...

Martin Perhiniak

Martin is a graphic designer, illustrator and an Adobe Certified Instructor. He was recently voted one of the Top 10 Adobe Instructors in the World.

Before launching Yes I'm a Designer, Martin worked as a designer for Pixar, BBC, Mattel and Accenture, and taught teams at Transport for London, Google, Ben & Jerry's and Oxford University Press.

Martin regularly speaks at industry events; most recently Adobe MAX, the ultimate creative conference.