Master Logo Design

by mastering Adobe Illustrator

Not just a logo design course, but a whole Vector Graphics MasterClass for creating original vector art in Adobe Illustrator. An end-to-end course for developing professional level skills in logo design and more.

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Create logos and icons with fun and confidence. Master Adobe Illustrator and amaze your clients.

You are here because you want to create original logo concepts and kickstart your creative career.
I can help you achieve that, and way more. My Illustrator MasterClass helped more than
200,000 students worldwide to create vector design fast and easy with Adobe Illustrator. 

I'm Martin Perhiniak, proud to be voted as one of the best Adobe Instructors in the world.

And this is my Illustrator 2021 MasterClass.

Use your sketches and master vector tracing techinques

Start your logo design process by sketching a few ideas. You can easily import these concepts or any inspirational images into Illustrator and use it as a base.

In Module 7 we learn how to prepare and trace any image - no matter how complex it is - in Illustrator.

At this stage of the course you will already have the skill to recolor and adjust the now vectorized images at ease. 

Visualize your ideas

Build your logo concept effortlessly using basic geometric shapes, clipping and creative types.

Create variations

Play around with the layouts and color schemes to explore new possibilities. Always have a version for light and dark background. 

Present in use cases

Present your logo designs on various mockups to help your client see them in different environments.

Draw any vector shape with ease and precision

Mastering the Pen tool helps you see each arc and curve coming to live exactly as you imagined. I will not only teach you how to use the Pen tool effortlessly like a professional, but also show you different ways to speed up your work.

In Module 5 we will go through several drawing exercises using the Pen tool, and then we will expand this knowledge by more advanced techniques like distortion, symmetrical- and concentrical drawing.

Create a unique compositions with creative typography

Tell an engaging story beyond the words with the color, shape and layout of its letters. Personalize the types in your logo based on what the brand represents. When you can express at glance all that the brand is, your logo will feel personal and engaging.

In Module 8 we dive deep into the world of creative Type - everything that is possible to create in Illustrator. By the end of this section your will be able to masterfully visualize text in various styles, like gradient slices or isometric text. 

Illustrator MasterClass Plans

Single payment

Lifetime access to the Illustrator 2021 MasterClass with a single payment.


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What is included

  • Lifetime access to the latest, most complete Illustrator MasterClass on the desktop version with all future updates.
  • 94 video lessons in 12 Chapters covering everything you need to master Adobe Illustrator
  • 9 Interactive Quizzes and 50+ resource and excersize files  
  • A preparation guide to the Adobe ACA Exam
  • Certificate upon completion

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

We want you to get the most from your learning experience with YES. However if you change your mind for whatever reason we offer a full refund within 30 days of purchase. Just get in touch with us so we can either help you out until you get the results you need or give you a swift refund.


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What are the requirements for the course?

  • It is recommended to have an active Creative Cloud account to be able to use the latest version of Adobe Illustrator CC while studying from this course.
  • You will also need a PC or Mac computer that is strong enough to run Adobe Illustrator CC.
  • A pen tablet is NOT required, a mouse is sufficient enough.
  • You will also need a stable Internet connection as the video lessons can only be watched online (they are NOT available to download.)
  • Does the course Cover the ipad version of Illustrator as well?

    No this MasterClass focuses solely on the desktop version of Illustrator. In this case the iPad version is distinctively different and it would do students a disservice to cover them both in the same course. Instead we have an independent Illustrator on the iPad MasterClass for the tablet version. If you purchase either version your will have an option to enroll to the othert at a great discount. 

    Can I ask questions if I am stuck?

    Yes, you can! We provide email support to all of our students and premium support to our Pro Members. We aim to respond to all questions within 24 hours and provide bespoke feedback on assignment submissions by Pro Member students.

    Can I download the Exercise Files?

    This course includes exercise files, which are available to download from the ‘Introduction’ chapter. They are organised into folders based on the chapters in the course and they are great for practising all the techniques demonstrated in this course. Most files are backward compatible and will work in older version of Adobe Illustrator.

    Why are there Interactive Quizzes?

    There are 9 interactive quizzes included in this course, each with 20 multiple-choice questions. There is one test at the end of each chapter. They will help you fully understand every aspect of the subject you are learning and great for finding weak areas you may need to go back and work through again. We don’t make our quizzes easy so when you pass you really know your stuff!

    Will I get a Certificate?

    Upon completing this course you will receive a certificate to mark your achievement and to help you demonstrate your high competence in Adobe Illustrator. The course certificate will include your name, the date of completion and the instructor's name, qualifications and signature.

    Can I watch the course on mobile devices?

    Yes, you can! This course can be accessed on any desktop and mobile device as long as you have a stable Internet connection. Video lessons are only available online, while exercise files can be downloaded and used offline (downloads will only work on desktop PC or Mac computers).

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    I'm glad you are here and welcome to Yes I'm a Designer!