365 Days of Creativity

Thanks for taking the time to find out more about our 365 Days of Creativity project.

Working on this project is a real personal passion and challenge for me. Now we are a few months in I just wanted share a little more about what it entails. So you can follow along as it continues to grow and expand!

The first tutorial in this series was released on January the 1st this year and we have recently broke through the 100 video mark. (That's a lot of tutorials ready to catch up on.)

Learning can sometimes be time-consuming but the aim of this project is to help keep students inspired and show you new techniques in a format that fits right into your lifestyle.

Below I have put together a collection of videos released in March. Each covers a totally different type of topic to learn about.

Then to take the learning experience that step further we are creating extended tutorials. Which take a deeper look at each topic, show how the skill could be used in a design project or even explore similar technical skills.

Usually, these videos are only available over on our Gumroad page. However I have included a few of these tutorials for free below to say a big thanks for enrolling and joining me on this creative journey. I hope you enjoy!

Icon Design | Illustrator CC Tutorial #60/365 Days of Creativity

Would you believe there's a national pig day? To celebrate this brilliantly clever animal we created a tutorial which demonstrates exactly how to create a simple and very cute pig icon.

I will show you how to create the Icon from start to finish. Using only simple shapes and the Shape Builder tool! Getting to know this tool will mean you can take several separate shapes and combine them to form a new illustration. Without any fuss or faff! This will save you loads of time in future creative projects and mean you can explore new ways of utilising shapes!

Face-aware Liquify | Photoshop CC Tutorial #76/365 

In this tutorial I will show you how to use the new Face-aware Liquify tool but in a slightly new way! Usually used to alter facial features of subjects in photographs instead. You will now discover how it can be used to make changes to your portrait illustrations.

This means even once you have finished a drawing you can carry on customising it in Photoshop, until you are happy. Plus you can correct a little mistake you noticed to late! 

Balance in Design layouts | Theory Tutorial #85/365

Creating a sense of balance within a composition may sound a like an unusual concept at first. However it’s a very useful and important piece of design theory to get the hang of. This is our 85th tutorial and will teach you about how to distribute your creative assets so you can make the most of your design layout. So you can be sure every element gets the attention it deserves!

Understanding how Balance works is especially useful when working on editorial design poster design or when you are creating visuals for advertising.

Portrait Illustration | Procreate Tutorial #68/365

Some of the hardest subjects to draw include...hands, faces, and feet. So in this tutorial I decided to look into faces, better known as portraits! This is an extremely well-explored topic in art and design. If you are interested in developing your illustrative style today's tutorial will not only give you tips on the best practices for drawing portraits...

It will show you how you to inject colour to develop more of a style to a piece of work! Developing a working style which is unique to you is a great way to stand out in the crowd! 

Ready to learn more?

I hope you enjoyed watching this collection of videos! If you want to get more involved in this project take a look at the bundle of content below!

This will not only contain all of the commentary videos for March BUT also give you access to the Adobe working files for each day AND the YES magazine! 

Yes, we have a magazine. This is another of our fairly new creative resources, it's content is tailored to introduce you to new contemporary designers, excellent creative blogs, the teams insights/experiences in the industry and of course take a deeper look into the 365 Days of Creativity project from a different angle.

Interested? Simply follow the link below and start learning right away...