Let your ideas light 
the way

Great advice to keep in mind for any creative
and with this T-Shirt designer by illustrator
Aron Leah aka Fried Cactus Studio you
certainly won't be forgetting it!

Weapons of Mass Creation

How could you not feel inspired and ready to create wearing this T-Shirt. Designed by 
Beatrix Hatcher who has certainly mastered
the weapons of creation!

You are just my Type

A type lovers dream and the perfect way to stay inspired all day! This t-shirt was designed
in ProCreate. Check out our tutorial to discover the technique.

Yes Yes Yes!

Who loves that feeling when you have just cracked a new design? That's the idea behind this shirt, designed by our CEO! Discover the tutorial on how it was created

We're all in this

Being a creative isn't always easy and
at times can feel a little lonely but
Aron Leah aka Fried Cactus Studio knows creatives need to stick together so we
all succeed. 

Symmetrical Wolf

If you are anything like our CEO you are a
stickler for detail and will love this perfectly symmetrical t-shirt he designed. We have a
great tutorial you can follow along with to!

Creativity is a superpower

Everyone has a superpower and creativity is
the best one of all! Now you can show it off with this T-Shirt design we commissioned designer and artistGal Shir to create. Be proud to
be a creator!

If you are an artist and would like to create graphics for team YES! then we will love to hear from you!