The Ultimate Guide to Keyboard Shortcuts

As a graphic designer you need to be able to work quickly, there are always deadlines on the horizon and the next project to think of. One of the best time savers is using Keyboard Shortcuts, they can literally cut your working time in half! This guide is packed full of shortcuts for Ps, Ai and Id. 

Design Jobs Directory

Being proactive in your job search will mean the right thing will come your way!  Check out some of our go to sites for finding graphic design jobs in the UK or Remotely.

Getting started
as a Designer

Starting a career as a designer can seem like a pretty daunting task and difficult to know where to begin? We share our 10 rules on becoming a professional designer.

Games and Apps
for Designers

We are going to share our favourite creative games that are great for designers to learn a
bout topics like typography, colours, logo design and so
much more!.

Stock sites for Design Projects 

To save you a little time we have gathered together a handy list of the best sites to help out with their creative projects! We have used these on our 365 days of creativity projects!

Handy Websites
to Know

Be inspired and find everything from a free font or brush to a potential job or employee. We swear by these resources will help out in your creative projects!  

Terms for Creative Professionals

A collection of important terms and technical definitions used day to day in the Creative Industry! Learn more about these terms and how they are used from our detailed courses!

Skills for Creative Professionals

Use this checklist to tick off the courses you have completed from YES. Plus track the skills you are mastering and progress you are making as you work towards becoming a creative professional.

Get to know your File Formats

Learn about the commonly used Photoshop image file formats! Understanding files attributes can save you a lot of time and means you always know how to export your work properly.

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