Ultimate Guide to Keyboard Shortcuts

Working fast and saving time wherever possible is crucial for designers as deadlines are always just around the corner and what better way to speed up your workflows than to master keyboard shortcuts? This guide includes shortcuts for Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign for both Mac and PC users.

Useful Websites

As a creative you should always be on the lookout for useful sites with assets, templates, fonts, images, icons and anything else that can help you to produce cool designs quickly. Grab this guide now, start bookmarking and you won’t be wasting time on searching for assets ever again.

100 most common terms in Graphic Design

This is a useful guide for those new to graphic design and would like to get familiar with the terms used by other creatives. Grab this guide now and start speaking our language!

Essential Skills for Designers

Being a creative means that you need to have a lot of skills in various areas. Whether you are just starting out now or you have been in the creative industry for a while this guide will help you to check which areas you need to brush up your skills in.

Image File Formats

As a designer you are responsible to work with various image file formats and you need to know them well in order to decide when to use each file format. To help you out here is a handy guide on their similarities and differences.