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Thank you for your interest in our courses! Universities, Colleges and Schools of Primary and Secondary Education complement their Graphic Design Curriculum with our learning programs from the US to the Philippines.

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Group licences are billed yearly, with a generous discount based on the included Membership tiers and number of accounts.

Our courses are structured
in 3 Membership tiers

You can review each Memberships in detail by clicking on the buttons above. 

When should you consider
the Starter Membership?

The Starter Membership gives students access to our Graphic Design Starter Bootcamp, a 12 Week long learning program specifically made for beginner level students. It teaches the three key Adobe Applications with the fundamentals of Design Theory. 

The Bootcamp is a great fit to complement any beginner level class for students in higher & secondary education with no prior experience in Graphic Design.

Students can complete the weekly projects individually or in groups. 

The course can also be a great fit for Primary school students as they already interact with images and icons daily.

The Bootcamp explores best practices of photo retouching and visual composition, that they can put into practice right away.

It is a great extra for art students to explore the fundamentals of Graphic Design.

Completing this course can introduce them various forms of digital art, from vector illustrations to digital painting. 

The foundations of effective visual communication we lay in the course can fit any post-graduate institution as it benefits various fields from Marketing to Journalism.

When should you consider
the Plus Membership?

The Plus Membership gives students access to all our Graphic- and Motion Design Masterclasses. (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Lightroom, Premiere Pro, After Effects and Cinema 4D.) It can be a great source for teachers and students alike. 

Our MasterClasses are often used by lecturers and tutors to further refine their skills and the curriculum.

It is a great fit if you want to help students specialize in various fields of Graphic- and Motion Design.

And a natural progression for intermediate students after completing the Starter Bootcamp.

When should you consider
the Pro Membership?

The Pro Membership is our top tier focusing on project based practice of all the skills students acquired so far. It benefits intermediate to advanced students, but can also be a great source of inspiration further improve your own curriculum.

Most often the Pro Membership is used by Course leaders and lecturers for internal training and inspiration.

With more than 60 creative projects this tier fits advanced design students the best, who want to work in the creative industry after graduation.





Access to the Graphic Design Starter Bootcamp & Starter Community

The Bootcamp is a 3-months-long guided learning program for beginner students or hobbyist designers with fun projects and a supportive community of like-minded students. 

Certification for each completed course

Both Martin (graphic design) and Ozgur (motion graphics) are renowned masters of their field, and among the best Adobe Certified Instructors globally. You will get a signed certificate for each course you complete.

Quizzes, downloadable exercise files & resources

Test your knowledge by taking quizzes and practice everything you learn with structured exercises and useful training materials.

All our MasterClasses on professional Graphic and Motion Design

Choose from 9 complete MasterClasses to learn industry-standard design applications like Illustrator, Photoshop, Premiere Pro or Cinema 4D. We will add Adobe XD and Design Theory courses later this year!


Access our entire course library

In addition to our Masterclasses, you will have access to project-based courses such as the Character Design course or the 365 Days of Creativity, which help more experienced students improve their portfolios and create stunning design pieces.



60+ Creative projects with personalised feedback

Choose from various Career Paths like (Graphic Design, Illustration, UX & Web Design, Logo etc.) and get monthly feedback and guidance on your work from us.



Early access to YouTube videos

Watch our YouTube videos months before they get released on our channel and get access to the layered working files.



Interactive webinars and priority support

Take part in monthly live events and speak with Martin and his team of creative professionals.



Pro Community Facebook Group

Be inspired by joining a thriving community of creative spirits. Share your work to get valuable feedback from fellow students.



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